Sustainable Music Companies

The music industry is becoming more powerful in the fight against climate change, with organisations like Bye Bye Plastic and Music Declares Emergency leading the charge by making it easier for musicians to use their influence to raise awareness.

In addition to joining these organisations, there are several swaps that musicians can make in their everyday lives to reduce their impact on the planet. These are our top tips for eco-friendly music brands!

Blackbird Guitars

The problem with making guitars from wood is that cutting down trees can be very harmful for the environment, destroying natural habitats and damaging the soil. That's where Blackbird Guitars comes in - they have developed a biocomposite called Ekoa which makes beautiful guitars (and ukeleles) that look, sound and feel like wood, but are much stronger.


This Finnish company has been creating loudspeakers and production equipment with high quality and low environmental impact since the late 1970s. They have a robust sustainable development policy, centred around creating products that require low power, and reusing materials and energy wherever possible.

Boso Bamboo Drumsticks

Did you know... bamboo is actually categorised as a grass, not as a tree! It grows incredibly fast (ok not that fast, but definitely faster than trees) and can be stronger than steel alloys. That natural strength makes it a perfect material for drumsticks, which is exactly what Boso Bamboo Drumsticks makes.

House of Marley

This company is a one-stop-shop for eco-friendly headphones, speakers, turntables and cables. We're particularly impressed by the carefully curated list of materials on their site - using the word 'recycled' that many times on one page is very unusual for a music company, and something that we'd love to see more!

If you know any great sustainable music companies that we've missed out, get in touch to let us know!

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