quick q&a series - Vander!

We're launching Quick Q&A, a new series for our blog readers where we're going to be talking to up & coming artists with about what's new with them, sustainability, how they manage to live consciously, and some other interesting topics!

First up to get familiar with us is Acid Latin DJ Vander! See his Q&A below...


  1. What have you been up to recently? For the last months I’ve been working a lot in the studio, making new music and re-inventing myself as a producer. I have three releases lined up at the moment that I can mention these are Vamos A Bailar EP that will be released in August with remixes from Spaniol, Jose Noventa and Ykonosh, Deliverance EP with my friend Saudade that will be released in October on Oliver Koletzki’s label A Tribe Called Kotori and Theben EP a collaborative EP with German producer SolidMind coming up on Pipe & Pochet’s label.

  2. What is your favourite song about climate change and/or the natural environment? I Sea by Joep Mencke - it’s my favorite track from Joep’s EP project that is inspired by The Outlaw Ocean. A book by Ian Urbina that uncovers the struggle of what’s going on there.

  3. When did you first realise that we have a problem with climate change? I can’t recall the first time I realized there was a problem - I guess I was always aware of it because I had a sustainability class in school that taught us this from an early age. What I can mention is that there are several moments in my life that made me realize the magnitude of the problem with climate change. The most recent one was to experience and see with my own eyes the wild fire spreading in Turkey. We see this stuff in the news and media but it’s not until you see it that it triggers you. At least that’s my case.

  4. In what ways do you try to limit your impact on the natural environment? I try to change my habits in a way that reduces my environmental impact. From refusing plastic bags in stores to reusing bottles and reducing my meat consumption. It’s a lot of little things that add up. I’m still learning new ways that I can reduce my environmental impact. I also added an eco-rider to raise awareness in the music industry about this problem and of course help them reduce their environmental impact.

  5. Which sustainable brand would you most want to collaborate with and why? There’s a new Amsterdam based brand that is doing something very innovative - its called wearebasics.nl - they’re impacting the supply chain of the fashion industry by allowing their users to bring their cloth back to the supply chain to be recycled. Also their clothes are incredibly cool so I would love to work with them.

  6. Do you have any projects on the horizon that we should keep an eye out for? There are indeed some projects on the horizon that I am super excited about but I can’t mention at the moment. What I can suggest is for you to follow my journey on Instagram @vander.music and stay tuned because what is coming will be mind-blowing.


We enjoyed learning more about Vander very much and we hope you do too! Check him out on his socials @vander.music for more of his work and vibe!

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