quick q&a series - berne!

For the second of our Quick Q&A, we're going to be chatting to earth-pop duo Berne, finding out what's new with them, sustainability, how they manage to live consciously, and some other interesting topics!

Ethereal Earth-pop duo Berne come with a deep-rooted mission to inspire better care for the planet through their music and lifestyle. Their dreamy electro-pop songs poetically bring to the surface current issues of the climate emergency, diversity and the refugee crisis, and animal rights, while instilling hope for the future.

Supported by BBC Introducing, Berne continue in their mission to inspire and urge people to bring about change in the world, to highlight that we are in charge of the future and that together we can make a real difference.


  1. What have you been up to recently? We recently released our remix EP 'Stay Remixed'. It is an EP collecting remixes of our debut EP ‘Stay’. ‘Stay’ is a creative exploration of important global themes such as the climate emergency, the refugee crisis, and animal rights. It is a celebration of the power of coming together to make change for good. The tracks on ‘Stay Remixed’ were made by remixers KNTRL (Malta), WOJTEK (Berlin, Germany), Dozier (Los Angeles, USA) and Joanna Åström (Malmö, Sweden).

To continue to echo the power of coming together, the highlight of ‘Stay Remixed’ is a virtual remix experience that can be found at stayremixed.berneofficial.com. It is an interactive space created to explore the tracks and the remixers, as well as highlight positive environmental change and champion environmental charities in 4 locations around the world.

We also recently played our first festival - Better World Festival, a festival about environmental sustainability, unity and wellness, in Stoke-on-Trent City Centre. We had a blast performing our show after so many months!

  1. What is your favourite song about climate change and/or the natural environment? One of our favourite climate songs is Joni Mitchell's 'Big Yellow Taxi'. To know that it is still relevant today, despite being written in 1970, is difficult to accept. In fact, it's the opening track to 'To The Earth', our covers EP collecting four songs written between 1967 and 2016 that shine a light on the treatment of the planet and its people. You can listen here.

  2. When did you first realise that we have a problem with climate change? In the last five years or so, we have become extremely environmentally aware. We feel encouraged to question the status quo and often think about the impact our actions have on our planet. Naturally, this made its way into the songs we were writing and the soundscapes we were creating. So we launched Berne as an Earth-pop duo exclusively making music inspired by the climate emergency and social justice.

  3. In what ways do you try to limit your impact on the natural environment? Being climate-aware has slowly made its way into all aspects of our life and our work. It guides us in many ways, both artistically and otherwise. The issues we write about, the soundscapes we create, the collaborations and the partnerships we make, the grants we apply for, and the merch we don’t make, are all guided by our goal to leave a lesser impact on the planet. There is always more we can do, and it does get overwhelming, but we like to focus on what we can do and celebrate the small wins. We are often presented with opportunities and challenges that we confidently move away from because they do not align with our environmental and social values. We recognise our privilege for being able to do this and appreciate that not everybody is in a position to do so.

  4. Which sustainable brand would you most want to collaborate with and why? We’d love to collaborate with brands whose mission is to help solve big problems like food waste. We love Oddbox, who rescue odd fruit and veg from going to waste. We would also love to partner with NGOs who are working for causes that are dear to us, such as Choose Love, Sea Shepherd, Friends of the Earth amongst others because we think that music and art have a big role to play in climate and social activism.

  5. Do you have any projects on the horizon that we should keep an eye out for? We’re really excited about performing again over the next couple of months. Our next show is on Saturday 18th September at Moth Club Hackney in London supporting REYKO on their European tour. You can buy tickets here.

We’re also going to be working on a number of new tracks that we’re really excited to share. We’re also currently researching how to make our shows carbon-neutral, so watch this space!


Chatting to Berne was great! Follow them on their socials for more music and information: https://instagram.com/soundslikeberne or https://facebook.com/soundslikeberne.

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