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Influencer Platform

PETRA supports musicians to arrange collaborations with sustainable brands.

PETRA supports sustainable brands to arrange diverse and dynamic influencers for their campaigns.

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Dream Kollective x Lowie

17.16% engagement

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What is an influencer platform?


Bringing it down to the most basic: brands work with influencers to increase the exposure of their products and/or services. 

When a brand needs influencers for a campaign, they'll need to find quite a few, quite quickly. That's where influencer platforms come in. Influencers join the platform hoping to receive free products, extra exposure, or payment. Brands can use this pool of qualified influencers when they need to.

How do brands tell PETRA when they need influencers?


Brands submit creative briefs through the members area. These briefs allow brands to outline their strategy: what their product is, who they're looking for, and any special requirements. We use these briefs to run month-long campaigns on a monthly basis. For example, if a brand submits a brief in May, we'll run the campaign from the beginning to the end of June.

How do musicians apply for opportunities?


We advertise brand opportunities through Instagram, Facebook, and email newsletters, so you should always be aware if something comes up that you'd like to apply for. To apply, simply email us at We'll let you know the result once the campaign has ended.

How much does it cost?

The platform is free for musicians and brands to join. It costs brands £40 to submit a creative brief. Brands can also join as premium members at £35 per month, and submit unlimited free briefs. There are no additional costs for musicians.

Step by step


1. Brands and musicians join the platform

2. Brands submit a brief to PETRA with an opportunity for musician-influencers, e.g. a gifted eco-friendly T-shirt in exchange for a captioned post on Instagram

3. PETRA presents the opportunity to music members 

4. Music members apply to take part

5. At the end of the campaign, PETRA reports back to the brand and lets them know which music members have applied

6. The brand chooses which music-influencers they'd like to work with, and PETRA lets the music-influencers know the brand's decision

7. The brand contacts the music-influencers, and is free to arrange the collaboration in any way they'd like

All PETRA members enjoy discounts with these companies...



When you've made your account, you'll receive a confirmation email after your application has been approved by the PETRA team. Head back here and select which plan you want to access the members area.

By selecting a plan, you agree that you have read our terms and conditions (find them here)

  • Musician

    Free Plan
    • Receive regular updates about collab opportunities
    • Upload your profile to the PETRA database for brands
    • Submit new releases to the PETRA Fresh playlist
    • Use our branding in your marketing
    • Enjoy discounts with eco-friendly companies
  • Brand (Standard)

    Free Plan
    • Send creative briefs to all PETRA influencers (£40)
    • Use our branding in your marketing
    • Enjoy discounts with eco-friendly companies
    • Account support via phone and email
  • Brand (Premium)

    Every month
    • Send unlimited creative briefs
    • Access the artist database
    • Use our branding in your marketing
    • Enjoy discounts with eco-friendly companies
    • Account support via phone and email