We're doing something that has never been done before. Exploring uncharted territory throws up a lot of questions - here are some answers.


If your question isn't covered here, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help you out.

Q: Does PETRA have a criteria for deciding which musicians can become a member?

A: No. We are radically inclusive - we don’t take social media followers, number of streams or genre into account, because a passion for sustainability surpasses all of those things.


Q: How can musicians and brands work together?

A: Brands can gift musicians in return for promotion via socials, or for the musician to wear on tour/ in a music video/ on a shoot. They can also collaborate by making a bespoke product together for the brand to sell (think H&M and Billie Eilish).

There are many other ways - be creative!


Q: How does PETRA help brands and musicians collaborate?

A: Our website alllows music members to upload a detailed profile. This means that brands can search for who they want to work with by aesthetic, genre, number of followers etc, and then contact them via email. We are currently working on a briefing system to allow all members to create a PETRA-wide request.

We also provide resources to help members if they are finding the process difficult.


Q: What makes a brand 'sustainable'?

A: This is a hard one! There’s a lot of confusion over this within the industry. We know that many brands are striving towards sustainability as a goal, and that it is not possible to be all things at once. Therefore, we have taken it to mean that the brand fits at least two of the below criteria:

is plastic free / uses recycled materials / plants trees /exclusively makes products to order / gives to charity / homemade / uses organic materials / uses natural materials / vegan  / pays the living wage / is zero waste / is fairtrade / is committed to ensuring internal gender equality / uses upcycled materials  


Q: Can I cancel my membership?

A: As a brand member of PETRA, one membership term is six months long. This is because we think it is important that members have enough time to fully make use of our service, including our database and resources. After the six month term is up, if you haven't found PETRA helpful to you, you are welcome to cancel your membership. Please read our T&Cs for more information.

Music memberships run until they are canceled, and you are free to cancel at any time. Remember to ask a member of the team to delete your profile when you cancel at hello@petrapartnerships.com.