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Influencing has proven to be essential for brand growth in the 21st century. But the unrestrained growth of influencing has resulted in a lack of diversity, and all too often, little or no connection between influencer and product.

This is no good for sustainable brands, who need influencers that embody their ethos. We only work with sustainable brands. Why? 


Consumers don't want to be bombarded with endless adverts for products that they don't believe in, and we don't want to ask influencers to advertise them.

We work with music-influencers, who are dynamic, diverse, and DIFFERENT. Most importantly of all, musicians are passionate about the environment. Musicians already share a connection with their fans, and their fans trust their opinion. 

How do we know? The stats speak for themselves. A typically 'good' engagement rate on Instagram is around the 3% mark. Musicians tend to hit 8-15%, even for sponsored posts.

Through PETRA, you can choose how you'd like to connect with music-influencers, using either our platform or our agency.

We connect sustainable brands with the music-influencers they need.


Unified Nature

Unified Nature is a sustainable streetwear brand based in the Netherlands. The company was founded in order to embark change and reform the ongoing environmental and social impact of the apparel industry

the ask

In return for a gifted tee, they would like a musician influencer to post one insta feed post and one story posted on your account


Minimum 2,000 followers on Instagram

At least 4% engagement

Passionate about sustainable fashion

Based in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France or the UK



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